Hammersmith Dining Chair in Stone Plain (2 Chairs Included)

  • £27500

Note: Order Quantity 1 = 2 Chairs, Order Quantity 2 = 4 Chairs etc.

This curvaceous, fully-assembled design is tailored to the modern home, with each of its fabric options complemented by expertly crafted, solid oak legs. It is a design that captures the attention and is also supremely supportive, making it extremely comfortable whilst pleasing on the eye. Hammersmith is presented in two different fabric types that combine to offer fourteen variants in tartan and plain on trend colours.


Sumptuous solid colourways framed with solid oak legs will make a bold statement alongside a string of dining tables in the Collection. Neutral tones to complement existing décor and breathe new life in to imaginative room design. Hammersmith looks stunning in any one of its tartan fabrics, opening the door to a new sense of creativity in the dining room.

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